My Higher Calling  - " A Call To A Higher Love"
Books that I recommend...
While on the journey towards restoration you'll want to get your mind renewed and lined up with God's way of thinking as well as build your faith because the enemy is definitely going to try and tear that down. You must know that it takes faith to please God. Hear are a few books that help to grow, strengthen, enlighten and encourage me along the way plus many more that I would like to read.

Your Guide to Spiritual Warfare and Victory In Christ (Activity Book)
There is an active, destructive, and intelligent enemy who will do anything to derail you from realizing your full potential and accomplishing your purpose: The devil adapts his temptations and tricks to suit your natural inclinations and desires, modifying his lure to match your lifestyle. The enemy will oppose and resist you, and may choose to stand in the way of the answer to your prayers. For those times, God has given you the power and authority to crush the enemy!
Spiritual Journey Towards a healed marriage
This book is Rejoice Marriage Ministries co-founder Charlyne Steinkamp sharing her heart with you- Never give up on your marriage, as she did. She divorced Bob with the encouragement of pastors and counselors who only saw the impossible circumstances. This book will teach you principles how to pray and believe that God can rebuild, restore, and reconcile your marriage.
Marriages that Glorify God
Could it be that we are still not “doing what we already know to do”? Or are there other problems that account for the issues that couples deal with on a day-to-day basis? How do we know, or how would we know what to do? If you are a believer with any amount of spiritual maturity under your belt, then you know the answer: follow God’s plan for your life and stop trying to run your own program. God communicates His perfect plan to us in His Holy Word, and, as believers, we must make a conscious decision to throw our own plans out the window. We have to go deep into the Word of God and live His perfect plan for this life.
Hope for the separated
The unfortunate reality is that Christians are separating and divorcing at the same rate as the unbelieving world. But does separation have to mean the end? You may not feel like reconciling. You may not see hope for a reunion. But the biblical ideal for a separated couple is reconciliation. So how do you do it? When doors slam and angry words fly, when things just aren't working out, and even when your spouse has abandoned your trust, there is hope. Hope for the Separated will show you through God's Word that your marriage can be restored. Recognizing that restoration will not happen for everyone, Dr. Chapman also gives insightful advice for those who experience the pain of divorce.

evicting jezebel

Jezebel may float like a butterfly but she stings like a bee!
Case studies are starting emerge that women and teen girls are becoming more assertive, aggressive and violent. In biblical history, these were all of the tactics and techniques of the queen Jezebel. The contrast of the new creation of the butterfly, Jezebel stings anyone who threatens her ability to control and manipulate others.
Evicting Jezebel sheds light on the alarming trend in aggressive women in our families, communities and churches and searches the bible for answers by comparing the traits and technique of boxing to the traits and techniques of Jezebel. It also gets to the root so that you can serve her with an eviction notice.