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How Can We Pray For You?

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Leave your prayer requests! We believe in the power of prayer! 
What is it or who is it that you are praying for or what God wants you to have faith for, pray for, or stand and believe him to do for you?  Let us join you in praying, standing and believing! 
"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."
~ James 5:16

"My Higher Calling" Ministry wants you to know that each and every prayer request that comes through to "My Higher Calling" Ministry is prayed over in unity with the powerful Holy spirit.
There is UNUSUAL power in united prayer. God Honors United Prayer! God has planned for His people to join together in prayer, not only for Christian fellowship, spiritual nurture, and growth, but also for accomplishing His divine purposes and reaching His Chosen goals. In Unity there is strength! A principle that is true in ALL life! In the family, and nation and among the people of God (Excerpt from the book: Mighty Prevailing Prayer) 
by Wesley L. Duewel

Jesus is the answer

 Jesus still prevails in prayer! If you have a need or weight of a problem Jesus is THE answer...

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