"Declare The Word Of God And Be Who He Has Called You to Be"

My Higher Calling: 

A Call To A Higher Love

HIGHEST Calling of mankind

A Call to LOVE... 

Our highest and greatest calling in life is a call to love. God calling us to Himself.

For God IS LOVE.
He created us to have an intimate 
relationship with Him. 
In the fall of man we were cut off 
from having any relation with God. 
He gave the ultimate sacrifice, 
His one and ONLY son 
To die and shed His blood for us 
so that we might be reconciled,

God COMMANDED us to love.
LOVE is NOT just a FEELING...
It is an ACTION verb. 
This means that we are
to love our spouses and others 
even when we DON'T feel like it! 
Love because GOD loves you and
He commanded us to love others.
Ever wonder if God ever feels as if He doesn't
feel like loving us, especially the way we act at times?
Regardless of how we act, He loves us anyway. 

He is Love and He keeps His word and His vows with us...