"Declare The Word Of God And Be Who He Has Called You to Be"

My Higher Calling: 

A Call To A Higher Love

A Call To A Higher Love

"Declare The Word Of God And Be Who He Has Called You to Be"

My Higher Calling is "A Call to a Higher Love". This is a ministry that prays for and encourages a life restored to Christ and a closer walk with Him. Encouraging unconditional love. 

Encouraging restoration to Christ and for the believer to press on to our highest calling (Philippians 3:14) and our greatest challenge in this world which is to LOVEand grow in our intimacy with Christ be most satisfied in Him through words of wisdom from God (who is LOVE) on a Christ foundation.

Encouraging relationships and Marriages that glorify God. It's important that you and your spouse each develop your own intimate personal relationship with Him through Christ, therefore you will have a common goal

Seek Him for love, purpose and anything else that another human being cannot give you. Once we receive Christ, we should Press on to spiritual maturity by seeking to learn who we are in Him. By doing this we learn to discover who we are in Him, which leads us to become intimately dependent on Him for every need that we may have because He promises to supply those needs. We can only be fully satisfied in Christ Jesus. 

Sit in His presence, get close to Him, and allow Him to love you, teach you, make you whole and complete in Him.  For ONLY God can complete you. Not a man, nor a woman... a thing or an object. ONLY God!

"My Higher Calling" was called to help encourage you in a positive way by fasting and praying for you and sharing the truth of God's word with you. To motivate you to believe God's word and promises that you can be content in what God has called you to do no matter what circumstances look like in your life just through declaring His Word (Jesus) daily.

Most don't know the high calling of Christ because they are not seeking God, through His son Jesus Christ. He should be first and foremost in our lives. When we let go and stop trying, stop thinking, and stop searching to do what we think we can do on our own, then we can let God deal with our situations while changing our hearts to be able to love unconditionally so that we will be able to start doing what God has called us to and pressing on to the higher calling, a higher love. Growing in our intimacy with Christ, being most satisfied in Him. 

Which is, and continues to be our highest calling and greatest challenge in this world.

In a world that seems so negative you need prayer, positive encouragement, and the teachings of God's word to influence you to press on to the higher calling.  

Have you been looking back or are you pressing on to the higher calling of our Lord? 

Philippians 3:14 tells us we are all called to a higher calling of Jesus Christ, to press toward that and live out the word of God in you, in love, in your life, and in your relationships.